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A Second Helping of Hannibal

Sep 28, 2021

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss the preponderance of windows, pappardelle sulla lepre, King KongA Clockwork Orange, the verdict on defenestration, continued confusion about Chiyo, Jack's whimsical mistake, and the labor of the snails.


The railing conversation from King Kong (1933)

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Sep 21, 2021

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss defenestration, Pazzi and the Pope, Three Kings, Jaws, and the Chiltonian wardrobe.

This scar is not a smile.


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The Defenestration of Prague

The bullet-in-the-liver from Three...

Sep 14, 2021

Wherein Beth and Matt address Ssssss, "The Body," Will simplifying his life. They also attempt to discuss Bella without weeping.

The guy in Ssssss. Beth said Matt's junior high school graduation photo looked like this.

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Sep 7, 2021

Wherein Beth and Matt discuss fireflies, snail sex, Bad Ronald, and birds, birds, birds.

A firefly! Image source: The Tennessee Conservationist[/caption]

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